Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shepherds Harvest

Yesterday the Zumbro Valley Fiber Arts Guild traveled up to Lake Elmo, Minnesota for the Annual Shepherds Harvest. I saw some fiber friends I haven't seen for a while and was scolded for not posting on my blog. So I thought I'd post some pictures.
Most recently, I made several vessels for a couple of galleries. I tried some wool that was coarser than merino, and I did some others with resists between layers which I cut after they were felted.

At Shepherds Harvest I did some shopping (of course!). Mostly roving, some silk scarves for nuno, and some embellishments like silk threads. I had much fun visiting with other members of the fiber arts guild.
In October, I will be at the Sugn Valley Craft Fair. More details later. But that will be my motivation to keep on felting even though I have no shows between now and then scheduled.