Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Good Show

One of my older scarves, but this one is so bright, it was chosen for some advertisements of the 2010 Artists Clearing House at Crossings in Zumbrota. Happily, it sold.

I bought some pink gauzy cotton fabric and have been using it as a base for several pieces. Here, the color doesn't show, but the cotton is what gives this piece texture.

Here I used some metallic mesh fabric as a base for felting.

For this scarf, I strung some beads onto thin yarn and felted the yarn into the scarf. I was very happy with the results.

For this table scarf I used that pink gauze as a base. The wool is layed on very thinly, though I hesitate to use the term cobweb. It also has some fuzzy and sparkly yarns drizzled across it.

I took these and other pieces to The Artists Clearing House. It has been a good show for me. The the other artists are so much fun to hang around with, and Marie Marvin, the gallery owner, works hard to make it successful for us.