Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Class coming up

No, I did not really fall off the edge of the earth. I'm just having a hard time getting any felting done. But deadlines are a good thing. On Saturday I am teaching a needle felting class at Crossings. It's just a basic class, but I need to get supplies ready and an outline, and samples. Looking for samples and fiber got me digging through my stash, and everyone knows that when you do that you find things you forgot you had, and projects you didn't finish. Somewhere in all of that I found fresh motivation to get going again. Here is some of that motivation:

This is some colorful wool from The Fiber Studio. Looking into my crystal ball, I see some bright, colorful scarves in my future. What is in your felting future?


il-loom-inations said...

Hi Renee! Thanks for the plug in your blog in December. I just now found it by googling myself...:) What a nice surprise! Talking to you that day was a real benefit to me. I did go to Crossings and talked to Marie. She said my things would be a "shoe-in" for the Fabrications Show in December. I was also just accepted to SEMVA but am on a waiting list. I remember telling you that I was not into blogging but have since bit the bullet and started my own weak blog. I'm still learning... but hopefully eventually I will get the hang of it. Yours has alot of useful information and links that will be helpful to me. Hopefully we will run into each other again! Connie

Renee Nation said...

Hi Connie,
Nice to hear from you. December seems like a really long time ago. I hope you do Fabrications next year. It is a lot of fun.