Monday, February 2, 2009

A Time to Felt

Is there ever time to felt? I seemed to have been consumed by non-felting projects lately, not to mention that life moves at the speed of light with all the children's activities. But, we did get our camera back, so here are pictures of the very few things I got done in January.

A felted merino scarf with a little bit of silk and some wool curls at the ends.

A felted hat that my friend helped me make using Navajo-Churro wool. My daughters are coveting this "cowgirl" hat.

A small felted vessel I made while teaching Basic 3-Dimensional Wet-felting.
I was happy that the class went well. Everyone seemed to have a good time and they were very patient with me. It was my first time teaching adults. There were 12 fun ladies in the class.

Next of the wool purchased from The Fiber Studio. I am ready to make some scarves.


Julz said...

when you taught that class how much roving did you purchase? I am going to teach a wet felting class to children (4-6 graders and 7-10th graders) and I am unsure how much roving I should order. I have never taught it before, just played around with it myself. Any tips or suggestions on supplies or lesson ideas?

liz said...

Lovely pieces. I love the colors!

narkeymarkey said...

you must be relieved to have your camera back :) these look great, i love them all but i think your scarf is may fave as it's my favourite colours.

well done on teaching your first class, hope it went well, do you have plans for nay more?

Renee Nation said...

I ended up purchasing way more fiber than I needed. I used Harrisville fleece in my class. I weighed out a finished sample to figure out how much fiber was needed for one vessel, and for all the completed vessels. I wanted at least 10 colors for the students to choose from. I knew several students would choose the same color, so I tried to have enough of each color for several students to use. I had plenty left over. Also before we jumped right into making the vessels, we "played" with the fiber so the students could see the felting process. With the children, we made beads. With the adults, we made a small flat sample using 2 colors.
Thanks for commenting.

rosa said...

Hi from Italy
I found your blog while surfing through felts'.
I'm a beginner, but I definitely am in love with felt!! We have another thing to share: I've got seven kids....and as you well know.... time is never enough!!!
Your work is fabulous, I like the vessels and the scarves, fantastic!!! I love USA, and have been there many times.I have linked your blog among my faves, how I could not? Bye now, Rosa

Denise said...

I love the felted vessel! I have been trying to find out how to make these. I made a fairy house that was a vessel (you can visit my blog as i have it listed on auction on ebay right now), but i want to make one in this shape and cannot figure out how. I would love to take a class but can't find one near me. Are there any books on making these beautiful felted vessels/pods?

Renee Nation said...

I'm glad you like visiting the blog. It is exciting for me to have people from other countries pay a visit. I hope you get time to felt when you aren't busy with the kids.

Renee Nation said...

The vessels are made on inflatable balls. I'm sure that method must be published somewhere, online or in books. Try Uniquely Felt or How We Felt.
The one in the picture was made on a small inflatable ball. I covered the whole ball with wool. When it was felted, I cut a circle out and deflated the ball. To make the lip, I just stretched the opening while the wool was wet. Don't be afraid to play.
Have fun!