Monday, February 2, 2009

A Time to Felt

Is there ever time to felt? I seemed to have been consumed by non-felting projects lately, not to mention that life moves at the speed of light with all the children's activities. But, we did get our camera back, so here are pictures of the very few things I got done in January.

A felted merino scarf with a little bit of silk and some wool curls at the ends.

A felted hat that my friend helped me make using Navajo-Churro wool. My daughters are coveting this "cowgirl" hat.

A small felted vessel I made while teaching Basic 3-Dimensional Wet-felting.
I was happy that the class went well. Everyone seemed to have a good time and they were very patient with me. It was my first time teaching adults. There were 12 fun ladies in the class.

Next of the wool purchased from The Fiber Studio. I am ready to make some scarves.