Saturday, January 3, 2009

January felting plans

Happy New Year. I am back from holiday travels, the kids start back to school Monday, and I am suffering from a serious lack of felting. I couldn't do any actual felting today, but I spent some time trying to plan out some goals for 2009, and I looked at the calendar to get a feel for what is coming up.
  • January 24th I am teaching Basic 3D wet felting at Crossings in Zumbrota.
  • January 22, I am getting together with another Minnesota feltmaker for a day of felting fun. Feltmaking for me is usually a solitary occupation, so I am looking foward to working with someone for a change. This young lady makes hats using Churro-Navaho wool.
  • February 7th I am taking a class by Jill Lynn at The Fiber Studio in Minneapolis called Fusion Collage Scarf.
  • March13-15 I am taking a scarf workshop by Chad Alice Hagen.

Speaking of Ms. Hagen, the grapevine has it that she will be teaching at the Midwest Felting Symposium in July. Jean Hicks is also said to be teaching there. I can't wait until the schedule is posted.

Our camera started giving us a memory card error of some sort, so it has been sent off for a repair. I hope it comes back soon. Blogging without pictures, even my poor ones, is not nearly as much fun for you readers. And my sitemeter tells me that people have been stopping by from all over the globe. Hello to all of you! I hope you enjoy yourself when you stop by here. Please feel free to comment. It is fun for me to hear from you.

My goals for the week are:

  • prepare for the class I'm teaching
  • finish needle felting a bowl I've started
  • make one scarf using the ultra fine merino I ordered before Christmas


eneeFabricDesign said...

Such a wonderful post, and reminds me that the felting addiction has to be fed! I cannot go 3 days without working on something, just like you.
Thanks too for all your great resources, since it is now my favorite list to see what everyone is doing, and be inspired!
enee Fabric Design

Renee Nation said...

Thank you so much. I've been following your blog for a while, and I love to see your newest things. Come back soon.

liz said...

I feel so deprived of felting options from where I live! Can I come visit to just tag along? :)