Sunday, January 11, 2009

Felting back in the groove

I finally made my first felt of the year. It felt good to get back to felting, and I even didn't have to buy anything new to get it done. I used some merino roving from The Fiber Studio that I've had for a while. The colors are all greens fading from a yellow green to a darker blue green. I am always pleased when I use wool that gradually changes from one color to another. I made a scarf with it, embellished by added swirls and circles, a little silk and some curls of wool. You'll just have to use your imagination because my camera has not returned from getting repaired yet. As soon as it comes back I will be snapping some pictures.

Other news:
The schedule for The Midwest Felting Symposium is supposed to be posted soon.
Shalana, The Funky Felter , sent me the felted necklace I won in a contest. It's very pretty, and casual, which works well for me.

That's all for today.

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liz said...

Congrats on getting yourself into a little hot(soapy) water! :)