Monday, December 8, 2008

Show shots and Fabrications

Show shots from the RAC Artists' Morning.

Well, here it is. Scarves were displayed on one table. Vessels and other things went on another table. I'm sure I have a lot to learn about display and merchandising, but it seemed to look nice. I sold only a few things, but it wasn't expensive to participate and fun to boot. I met a weaver named Connie Simonson. She creates beautiful handbags, table runners, and other items with great texture and color. Connie does custom work through her Etsy shop Illoominations.

After lunch, it was off to Crossings for the Fabrications Artists' Reception. This is the 3rd year I've participated in the show. Several other felters also participated, doing all types of felt making including needle felted pins and brooches, needle felted hair barrettes, scarves with needle felted sheep as a design, needle felted animal sculptures. Wet felted items included hats made of Navajo-Churro wool, jewelry, and some crochet-and-fulled vessels. The show also included other fun fibery things: weaving, hand-spun yarn, knitted items, jewelry, and a dress that looked like it was made of paper money. I'm sure I'm forgetting something worth mentioning, so you'll just have to check it out yourself if you are in southeast Minnesota.

After that it was back to real life. The whole weekend seemed to be a crazy word problem series from some nightmare SAT test.

"If Renee has to be somewhere by 8am, and her husband must drive Child #2 to choir practice at 9am, how many of the other five children must he take with him while he does speed-Christmas shopping before picking up Child #2 one hour later and dropping Child #4 off at a friend's house?"

"And if DH must be at church by 4:30 pm, and neither Renee or Child #2 is due home until 5pm, can Child #3 babysit Children #5-6 until Renee completes her obligations and picks up Child #4 from her play date?"

"And, by the way, where is Child #1? He left Friday to go winter camping somewhere with his Boy Scout troop. If they drove north for 2 hours going 60 miles per hour, then we hope they had heated cabins wherever they were going, 'cause it's pretty doggoned cold outside."

Thought for the day: Step back from the busyness of life. Remember that the Creator of the Universe created you and loves you. He will give you all you need. Rely on Him, instead of your own strength.

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