Monday, December 1, 2008

Fabrications Exhibit

I knew Crossings was going to use a picture of one of my scarves on the publicity post card for the Fabrications exhibit. But, wow! I wasn't expecting it to cover the whole postcard. Isn't it cool? The exhibit runs through December. Come and see!

This week is like finals week for me. Everything is due on Saturday. In the morning, I'll be at at a show sponsored by the Rochester Athletic Club. Saturday afternoon I'll be at Crossings for the Fabrications Artists' Reception. I'm praying I stay healthy and that the weather is clear.

A lot of little details need attending to before the morning show, such as attaching price tags, figuring out display details, packing things up to transport. I don't do shows regularly so I'll be making a list and checking it twice.

We traveled over Thanksgiving. I knitted a scarf on the 12 hour drive there. Then I made an "emergency" yarn run to the local Hobby Lobby, so I'd have something to knit on the way home. I bought some inexpensive bamboo yarn, just to see how it knitted up. The yarn was soft and nice to work with. Daughter #1 bought some blue tinsel-like yarn and knitted her own scarf on the drive home.

I've been experimenting during the last couple of weeks with "restyling" scarves. I purchased some plain scarves and embellished them using my Janome Xpression. Some people call this a needle felting machine. Others call it a machine embellisher. Here are the results.

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liz said...

Pretty cute! Machine felting is alot of fun and you can do things that otherwise would take alot of time wet felting. Keep up the great work!