Monday, October 20, 2008

The Great Felting Escape

Saturday was a great day. I escaped to Minneapolis by myself for a nuno scarf class at The Fiber Studio. I'll post a picture of my scarf as soon as I can. Kris Post gave a wonderful class, all very comfortable and relaxed. It was very much like hanging out with old friends for the afternoon.
Of course, I loaded up on supplies while I was there. I bought a few extra silk scarves so I can make a few more nuno style, some merino top, and some Harrisville fleece in several colors. And before I went to class, I stopped at Needlework Unlimited Outlet, conveniently located only a few miles from The Fiber Studio. All the yarn at this outlet is at least 50% off, so, of course, I had to load up. In my defense, I used one of the yarns in my nuno scarf class, and I used some more today as a needle felted embellishment to one of my large vessels.
I came back charged with energy, so Sunday, I felted three small vessels and some Christmas balls. In the evening, I helped Child #1 finish a machine needle felted scarf he'd started. He did a good job on it, and wants to sell it.
Today I made two scarves. One has lace and merino/silk, and for the other I used some of the superfine white Optim merino with some gold mesh fabric.
Pictures later. I seem to be having a hard time getting those photos taken. The best time is when Child #6 is napping, but that is the best time to do many other things, as well. Today Child #5 got sick at school, so I had to turn around and go back almost immediately after dropping her off. She'd been unusually whiny, so I should have known something was up. In addition, DH had to leave unexpectedly on a business trip, so I had some extra chauffeuring to do today that he usually takes care of. It was a busy day, and sometimes these unusual turn of events throw me for a loop. I must still be psyched up from the weekend, because today I just rode the wave and enjoyed the ride.

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