Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Making felt while the sun shines

I'm taking advantage of good weather, healthy children, and a strange abundance of energy to get things done. Channel One, the local food bank, will be having a fundraiser in October called Empty Bowls. Artists donate hand crafted bowls, which are auctioned, sold, or given to people attending a soup supper. Here is one bowl I will donate.
I also finished 2 scarves. I would call them laminated scarves, I think. I knit the scarves in a very loose stitch on large needles. These I used as the base for wet felting. One is done in a window style, with patches of knitting left uncovered by the layers of wool. The other is felted into a solid layer of merino/silk. The pictures are quick and dirty, but the scarves came out well.

If everything keeps running so smoothly, I will be able to get a lot of work done.
I was also asked if I wanted to teach an adult felting class (vessels again). So I need to put together a proposal quickly, and make up some samples.
Happy Felting everyone!


aging hippie said...

Just came across your blog quite by accident while looking for something else entirely! Lovely things you make....especially the bowls and scarves...don't think I could actually pick a favourite, will have to come back another time and look again. I've attempted knitting, crochet and felting but have recently discovered Altered art and am actually quite good at it and throughly enjoy it too...knitting etc was never going to be a children and you still find the time?
If you want to drop by you'll find me at..'ll come back for another look..Sue

Renee said...

Sue, thank you for the nice comments. Making vessels is my "first love" but it helps my creativity to have some other types of challenges, like the scarves. Different techniques open up different opportunities for experimenting. You probably have discovered that with your own art. Best wishes!