Friday, August 8, 2008

My Mini-Handbag

I thought it was time for some pictures. Here is the little handbag I made in Lisa Klakulak's workshop at Midwest Felting Symposium.

Structurally, it came out well. The handles are firmly attached, and the felt is strong.
I like the flower on the front, but the cord is a little on on the long side. I got a little carried away, learning how to join 2 lengths of cord together, and I didn't stop to think what length would look best.
Here it is opened up. The flap also has a pocket, created by a "design opportunity" that came up when I realized the flap would be twice as long as the handbag if I cut it the way I intended. The discolorations are actually partial felts that were supposed to come out a little more vividly.
It needs a closure. Here, I am trying out a felt button I made. It is quite large in scale with the small bag, but since the handle is so doggone long, it just might work.
Here is a bad closeup of the button. I'd take a better picture, but I already put the camera away. I can see I need more light in my photos. Photography is not something that comes easy to me. I am too impatient to set up properly, use a tripod, work on the lighting. Maybe that has something to do with having six little studio assistants running around asking for snacks. Ah well, school is a mere 19 days away.

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