Friday, April 11, 2008

Vessel in progress

See, I told you it was a vessel. Here it is most of the way felted. This one will be fun to work on. The yarns go around the vessel once at an angle. The ends are going to be at the bottom, hopefully out of sight. I could also needle felt on some yarns so that they pop out a little bit, compared the the yarn that is felted totally into the felt. And beads, of course. The resists are on the opposite side. I'm not ready to cut them open. I don't have a concept of what I want that side to look like, other than I arranged 3 long narrow resists a like a three pointed leaf. But I don't know if they stayed in place during felting.
The inside is actually pink, even though you can see the yellow from one of the inner layers peeking out the top.
Any ideas for a name for this piece?

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