Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tree Bark Scarves and Prioritizing

Tammy Deck of TLD Design Center has just put out a new kit for what she calls Tree Bark Scarves. They look similar to free lace felt. I ordered a kit for a scarf, and I am eager to try the technique. BUT FIRST...
I must make at least 2 more vessels for the BCA tour very soon . I don't have anything new to show for myself.
Last evening, I spent a couple of hours clearing off my dining room table, mostly putting everything I'd gotten out over the last several weeks back into the bins. I also sorted my fibers so that now I can see how much of each color I have. All my blue is almost gone.
I needed to get rid of the clutter so that I could think clearly about what to do next. There are still a million ideas in my head clamouring for attention, but they will have to wait their turn!

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