Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'd rather be blogging

Ok, it must be clear by now that I'd rather be blogging than, say, doing laundry, or picking up all the clutter around the house. Here are the promised pictures.
First, the landscape collage, made on the Xpression embellisher. Bear in mind that it is only about half done, as far as applying the fabric. The pink fabric on the middle mountain is very thin and I might apply a second layer on top of it. Otherwise, it was very simple to do. The sky is made of small pieces overlapped. The mountains are made of larger single pieces with a few patches as needed. As far as any "secret" techniques go, I was afraid that using the multi-needle attachment would make it too hard for me to control where the fabric went down, so I tacked the mountains down with the single needle, then switched to the multi-needle to stabilize everything. I tried to scrunch up the mountain fabric a bit so they would have some texture.

My cobalt vessel is still in progress. This is the side where I have cut out the resists to reveal the inner layers. I wish the overall shape was more dramatic, but it will have to stay as is. I may cut the top edge somehow. And it definitely needs some beading.

Below is a vessel I completed a while ago. This one also had resists. Small whisps of silk roving adding color to the outside. Beads inside the cuts add sparkle.

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