Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Having gotten a good start on my cobalt vessel, I decided to start on another project. I can never just do one project at a time. I have to have a couple (ok several) going at once so I can rotate between them as the mood strikes. This is a collage I started.

It is done on the Janome Xpression embellisher and consists of pieces of lightweight fabrics (like silk scarves) punched into a canvas base. I've been trying to add layers to it, to add interest and a focal point but so far it isn't working for me. It's pretty, sort of, but that's about it. If I liked to sew, I'd make an eyeglass case out of it, or something of that sort.

Of course, I decided that I should start a different collage and see where that takes me. This one will be a landscape. Here it is layed out before punching. Punching is the highly technical term for attaching the decorative fabric to the base fabric using the embellisher. The fabrics are all from the remnant bin at Mills End Textiles. Some are silk, some are "sheers." The base is a navy blue canvas, also from the remnant bin. I'll let you know how it turns out.

I also worked on my cobalt vessel yesterday...fulled and shaped it, and cut out the resists. I'm not sure I like it yet. Maybe it needs some sparkle. Whenever I don't like a piece, I add a little sparkle and that seems to transform it.

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