Thursday, April 17, 2008

Artfelt by Skacel

I found out a few days ago that my favorite LYS, Kristen's Knits, will have to move...again...due to landlord not continuing the lease. What a pain in the neck for Kristen. She moved into this very cool space in an old Victorian house just last year after suffering through repeated water damage in her old space. But who knows what opportunities this may bring. We wish the best for Kristen!
Since everything is 20% off now, I went over to do my part to help out and reduce inventory. And, lo and behold, she had the Skacel Artfelt kits- the ones that use the Easyfelt Paper. I've been wanting to try this product but didn't want to mail order it. It is fairly expensive IMHO, but there it was, right in front of me, in beautiful colors, on sale. So I have it here at home ready to go.
BUT FIRST...I really must finish one of my other projects. I went to one of my favorite second-hand stores, Community Clothesline, and picked up some silk scarves and blouses inexpensively to use with my embellisher. I am now well stocked, so I'd better get punching! The landscape collage is calling me today, so if I can get through a bit of housework, I'll start on the mountains. I did the sky the other evening, and it is looking nice.
So I guess there will be pictures to look forward to in my next post.

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