Monday, March 31, 2008

Three-Dimensional Mini-Handbags

Well, I mulled it over and finally signed up for Lisa Klakulak's Felting Three-Dimensional Mini-Handbags class at the Midwest Felting Symposium. I did want to take Leslie Sampson's courses, too, so I'll just have to hope she teaches next year. Lisa's website is She has some pretty amazing work pictured there.

Here is the description of the mini-handbag class:
Focusing on the element of form, participants will use an individually designed two-dimensional canvas resist to create a unique three-dimensional handbag incorporating a solid felt cord handle. Color theory will be discussed and a variety of surface design possibilities will be explored incorporating threads and using partial felting techniques for defined shapes and images. Suggestions for bag closures will be presented accompanied by a group brainstorming to bring forth innovative ideas! These visually delicate mini handbags will be structurally durable as a result of numerous, thin and consistent layers fulled tightly to achieve a surface with no hint of individual fiber striations.

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