Friday, March 7, 2008

Painting with Wool

I mentioned I took a class at The Fiber Studio with teacher Judy McDowell. The class was called Paint a Picture with Wool. This is my piece from the class. It is a bowl of ice cream with chocolate syrup (in case you can't daughter thought it was a bowl of yarn!). I used corriedale roving, a little silk roving mixed in the tabletop and a brown wool/silk yarn from Kristen's Knits for the chocolate syrup. Judy was a great teacher and we learned how to make better edges, how to make prefelts, and how to apply yarns and ribbons with better control. The pieces were felted using the rolling method.

While I was at The Fiber Studio, I picked up some Angellina fiber, and some rainbow dyed merino roving, and some silk roving. It was really hard to control myself because Pam stocks a wonderful variety of merino, corriedale, and silk, a great selection of beads and other findings, books, some yarns, and even some mixed fiber batts that she dyes and cards herself. One of her new items was sheets of needled prefelt. I think they came in 9" x 9" sheets in a variety of colors. It was a great day.

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