Monday, March 10, 2008

Midwest Felting Symposium

I checked this morning and the symposium schedule has been posted at The Midwest Felting Symposium site. Since I will be teaching that week at Textile Camp at Crossings in Zumbrota, I can only attend on Saturday and Sunday.
Leslie Samson teaches the two classes I am interested in. The first is Botanical Felt in which she teaches how to make botanically accurate, recognizable, firmly felted flowers. I think these would be great on vessels or 3d embellishments on flat felts.
The second class is Felted Jewelry. I am especially interested in learning how to make felted bezels for setting cabochon stones (or other embellishments). Earlier in the week she is teaching Vessels: Felt Smithing, in which she also teaches how to set elements into felt. I won't be able to take that class, but it sounds like the technique will be essentially the same. It will be a busy week between teaching and attending classes.
Be sure to check out the other classes and vendors who will be at the symposium in July.
Next post: I'll post some pictures of my lastest WIP (works in progress).

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