Thursday, March 6, 2008

Beauty and the Beast---Wolf Masks

Here is my daughter modeling one of the wolf masks I made for Beauty and the Beast. I constructed it out of "Better Fur" from Mills End Fabrics. I shaved the hair away from the eyes, and also from underneath the snout and ears, so I could sew the pieces on with less bulk. The snout is shaped into a nose with 2 short seams at the front. It is attached to the mask with just a straight seam under the eyes. The tongue is needle felted wool with a chenille stem imbedded in it. I used silver glitter glue to make drool on the tongue, to make the teeth shiney, to outline the ears, and to make eyebrows. The teeth are made of white craft foam. There is also a floral wire duct taped inside the snout to make it stand up straighter. It is kept on the wearer by a shoelace cord with a toggle. My son, who plays a wolf, says the masks are awesome. That made the hours worth it.
Next post...I took a felting class at The Fiber Studio in Minneapolis. Judy McDowell of Misty Meadow Icelandics was the teacher. My piece was a still life "painting" of a bowl of ice cream. Stay tuned.

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