Saturday, January 12, 2008

Work update

I added an additional layer of felt to my two vessels in progress (pictured below). Both of them seemed too thin and weak so I put each one back on the ball, and brushed up the outside (with my hand carder because I can't find my wire brush). I added another layer of batting and wrapped with some contrasting yarn. Then it was back to the pantyhose, hot water, and soap. I threw one vessel in the dryer for awhile to see if that would finish the felting. I folded clothes while the dryer ran. Anyway, it got a good start, but I still worked it by hand before declaring success. The new layer will be on the inside of both of these vessels. I have to say that I am getting better at making vessels, both design-wise and making good felt. My next challenge will be to use resists in my vessels. I've done it once and like the results, but am still nervous about doing it.

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